BELIEF is a Christian adult education charity which operates largely out of St Andrew’s Church Centre.

Now into its eleventh year, BELIEF offers single one-off presentations (such as an annual lecture from the Dean of St Alban’s) and short courses on matters of contemporary or historical interest (such as a recent five week course on Science and Theology).

BELIEF events are open to all people of any church tradition or none and are intended to provide quality lay theological education in a local venue and at an accessible price. See for more information.


St Alban’s Study Centre

A partnership with the St Alban’s Study Centre has secured the delivery of their 10-week course introducing the Old Testament and another on Church History at St Andrew’s. See for more information.

St Alb


The Eastern Region Ministry Course

St Andrew’s provides a local hub for delivery of a stream of training for Reader and Ordained Ministry in the Church of England. Those who have been selected for this training also experience Christian ministry in several local contexts on the course including Bedford Hospital and Prison. See for more information.