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I am sure that I was not alone in the run-up to the General Election, in being surprised by the number of friends I had in high places. I refer, of course, to the letters I received from politicians of all persuasions seeking my support, letters which were not always well received.


One letter from a politician which did please me was from the Office of the Leader of the House of Commons. It was not actually personally addressed to me, I might add, but to all church bell ringers in Britain. In it the Right Honourable William Hague reminded us that, 'The ringing of church bells has long been part of commemorating the moment in 1945 when peace broke out and brought to an end nearly six years of war and chaos across Europe.’


We were all invited to 'contribute to the weekend's events with a ringing of bells'. 11.00am on Saturday morning was suggested.


Thus, in company with many across the land, from Abingdon to Writtle if Campanophile's records are correct, the ringers of St Andrew's pulled off (ie started ringing) on the dot of 11.00am and rang a Quarter Peal of Grandsire Doubles which lasted approximately three quarters of an hour.


Those taking part were:


Treble. Lisa Adams

2.Melissa Nash

3.Barbara Woplin

4.David Heaslip

5.Alex Nash (conductor)

6.Gareth Burrows


It did not occur to us to record it for posterity, but the bells of St Paul's Cathedral, London were recorded and can/could be heard on BBC News online (VE Day Anniversary : Bells ringing at St Paul's.) I should add that they sounded rather different to us as there are twelve bells ringing something complicated!


As well as being part of a national celebration we thought our Quarter Peal good practice for the District Striking Competition on the newly restored bells of St Mary's, Bletsoe. This takes place on 6 June. Fingers crossed for us please.


Barbara Woplin


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