Ordination of Revd Atalie Gaines

On Saturday 4 July the Revd Atalie Gaines was ordained as Priest at St Albans Abbey. Here are some photos from the day.

Atalie Atalie with Dr Diana Stretton



The following day Atalie celebrated her first Holy Communion here at St Andrew's.

Atalie and The Ven Christopher Futcher

The Revd James Reveley, Atalie

and The Ven Christopher Futcher


Church Fete a great success

On Saturday 11 July we held a Church Fete as part of our fundraising project for a new organ. A big thank you to all our volunteers who worked so hard before and on the day, and a special thank you to everyone who came along and supported the event. Here are some images from the day:



View from the Vicarage - July/August 2015

Listen to an audio version here


To the people of St Andrew’s,


The 7 May this year marked a hundred years to the day since the sinking, by German submarine, of the S.S. Lusitania11 miles off the southern coast of Ireland. The Lusitaniahad made over two hundred transatlantic voyages since its launch in 1906. The storm of protest that followed its sinking - with 128 Americans civilians among the fatalities - helped to turn the tide of American public opinion against the Germans and so influenced America’s eventual decision to join the First World War in 1917.


The historic and tragic sinking of the Lusitaniafell on the exact same day as an event of significance to our church, although one of no importance whatsoever on the world stage. Following a presentation to King George V at a meeting of the Privy Council at Buckingham Palace, it was announced on 7 May 1915 that St Andrew’s Bedford had officially become a distinct entity - a Peel District - within the parish of St Peter’s Bedford, in which hitherto it had been merely a chapel of ease (meeting in the Tin Tabernacle). The new District of
St Andrew’s encompassed the Saints roads, Kimbolton Avenue and Goldington Avenue.


It is sad to relate - and hard to believe in today’s climate - that relations between the clergy and congregations of St Peter’s and St Andrew’s in the months and years leading up to this new arrangement had been frequently strained and sometimes entirely broken. The history of this time cannot be said to be the finest period in the life of the church and it is really not something to be proud of.


However, it is nonetheless right that we recognise this centenary of St Andrew’s receiving its own pastoral area and officially delegated powers. Indeed, 2015 also marks a hundred years since the first Churchwardens of St Andrew’s were selected and appointed (albeit unofficially) and since the formation of our branch of the Mothers’ Union.


It is also a hundred years since the first edition of the precursor to this St Andrew’s Magazine was published (properly launched in January 1916). So we can find much to celebrate in this centenary year.


St Andrew’s remained a District Church in - although not especially of- the parish of St Peter’s until May 1922 when it was granted full autonomy and became a Parish Church in its own right. It was on the 28 May 1922 that the then Bishop of St Albans consecrated the first-built part of the building we know now and the minister in charge formally became The Vicar.


Later this year, as we celebrate our Patronal Festival on Advent Sunday (29 November) we shall be welcoming the current Bishop of St Albans, The Rt Revd Alan Smith, to lead our celebrations of the anniversary of the formation of the District of St Andrew’s. Bishop Alan will preside and preach at our 10.00am Eucharist. A parish lunch and exhibition of photographs will also form part of our celebration of this milestone. Further details will be published in future editions of this magazine. I am grateful to David Rogers for his research into the archives of St Andrew’s from which I have drawn the details for this letter.


A prayer for our parish:


Heavenly Father, refresh us, we pray, with your spirit in this centenary year.

As you called St Andrew to follow you, so we believe that you have called us too.

With those who have come before us in past years, we long to see your kingdom come.

For the sake of those who come after us, we want to play our part fully in the rich history of this place.

Grant us your blessing so that we may be a blessing to others.

We ask this for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ and in his name alone. Amen.




Notice Sheet

Sunday 26 July - Eighth Sunday after Trinity


Sunday 19 July - Seventh Sunday after Trinity


Sunday 12 July - Sixth Sunday after Trinity


Sunday 5 July - Fifth Sunday after Trinity


Sunday 28 June - Fourth Sunday after Trinity, Outreach Sunday


Sunday 21 June - Third Sunday after Trinity, St Albans Sunday






Choral Scholarships at St Andrew's


Choral Scholarships


Young Choristers




Tower Bell Ringers


Bats in the Belfry

On 15 June 1215, at Runnymede, King John, somewhat unwillingly one supposes, affixed his seal to 'The Charter of Liberties' better known as Magna Carta, thus losing the Monarch's absolute power over the land. (He also lost most of England's lands in France and, allegedly, his treasures in the Wash).


The Ringing World urged ringers across the land to ring on Sunday 14 June to commemorate the sealing of Magna Carta. 


Magna Carta -

‘Strike a Blow for Democracy’


We at St Andrew’s duly obliged. On the afternoon of Sunday 14 June we rang a Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Doubles. Those participating were:


1.  Gareth Burrows

2.  Viki Evans                      

3.  Barbara Woplin             

4.  David Heaslip

5.  Alex Nash (conductor)

6.  Philip Kino


As for the Striking Competition let's just say it was not our finest hour (or maybe all your fingers were not crossed) for we came fourth. There is always next year.

 Barbara Woplin

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