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Fairtrade - Easter delights and African highlights

Hot Cross Buns

Someone contacted us to ask "Are you going to be selling hot cross buns this year? The sourdough ones from Companions Bakery last year were lovely." The answer is "yes" - Companions Real Bread Bakery will be baking sourdough hot cross buns throughout April and you can order them from us from now for delivery or collection. The hot cross buns come in packs of 4 buns at £5.60 per pack and, just like last year, the bakery will be donating at least £1 per pack sold to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. Reminder: you can order general goods from us at any time but for bread, including hot cross buns, to be delivered or collected later in the week we need your order by midnight Sunday or, at a pinch, early on Monday morning. To order: phone Brenda 01234 268574 or email fairtrade@standrewsbedford.org Thank you!

Easter Eggs

Easter is hurtling towards us! Customers have been enthusiastically buying eggs direct from the shop on Sundays and Wednesdays but, even though some people have been stocking up, there is always a last minute rush and it is very difficult for us to predict how many eggs, and which eggs, you will want. We are really keen to sell as many fair trade eggs as possible. Please help us if possible by ordering your eggs now even if you don't want to collect them or have them delivered until just before Easter. Phone Brenda 01234 268574 or email fairtrade@standrewsbedford.org or leave an order with anyone serving in the shop. Tip: there is a poster showing the range of full size and mini eggs which are available on the shop door and you can see the same poster here https://standrewsfairtrade.online/easter/

Flat Sheets

We use sheets (and large tablecloths) to cover our tables for display purposes both on Sundays and when we hold special fair trade events at St Andrew's or take stalls out to other places as, for example, this Saturday morning when we'll be running a three table stall at Kempston East Methodist Church Coffee Morning. We would particularly like to 'refresh' our stock of size single sheets/large tablecloths. White, cream or self colours and even checks or stripes would all be useful. If you happen to have old (but not holed), single size flat sheets or tablecloths of roughly the same size tucked away in a drawer or cupboard somewhere is there any chance you'd like to give them to Fairtrade at St Andrew's? We'd be most grateful and make good use of them.

Goods from Africa

To coincide with the special 'Breakfast for Pajule' this Sunday we've been asked to give some of our Sunday foyer stalls an African theme. We plan to set up extra early so that as many as possible 8am service attenders get the chance to see the goods as well as those who attend the 10am service. Please do come and take a look at the many products we offer on behalf of African producers.

Lynn Herron

Shop Manager, Fairtrade at St Andrew's

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