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"Guess the Decade" Centenary Quiz

Our Centenary has seen us raiding the archives for scenes from the life of St Andrew's since 1922, when the church was first dedicated on its current site. Over the Final Weekend of our Centenary year a quiz board was set up and powers of memory and deduction were put to the test to work out from which of the last 10 decades each picture came. If you missed out - or are just waiting to see if you got the answers right - here are the pictures again with the answers at the end of the article.

1. This is the Events team of their day. Decade?

2. The New Pulpit. A helpful hint may be that it cost £42 when it was made.

3. The new Organ was installed

4. This is the Choir and Sanctuary in which decade?

5.When was the Dedication Service for the bells?

6. The Glass doors from the Porch into the Church were installed in this decade?

7. Now for the Next Three Years... the PCC in which decade?

8. The New Church Centre was built

9. An Artist's Impression of the Church building

10. The framed World War 1 memorial plaque before it was moved to its present position along the "South" aisle.

So now it s time to find out if you matched the pictures to the right decade.

  1. The Events Team of 1950

  2. The Pulpit was purchased in 1930

  3. The new organ was installed in the 2010s

  4. This photograph was taken in 1945/6, so the answer is the 1940s

  5. The dedication service for the bells was in 1982 - so 1980s

  6. The glass doors were installed in 1993 in memory of Kathleen Plumbe

  7. This press cutting comes from 1960

  8. The new Church Centre was a Millennium project - 2000s

  9. The Artist's impression appeared in the local paper in the 1920s

  10. The War Memorial plaque was moved in 1972 - so the 1970s.

How did you get on? Hope you enjoyed the Quiz.

The Centenary Team

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