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Our Centenary Year; an update from your committee.

We are sure we will all agree that there have been some challenges along the way during this our Centenary year! As a committee we are sorry that some of our activities have had to be postponed, or altered from that intended when the plans were drawn up, but we are sure you will understand the need for these changes.

However, we trust you can look back with a smile at some of the celebrations we have already had and reflect on some wonderful shared experiences. And, as we look forward to the last few events of this special year, we hope life will regain a little more normality, and allow us to get together in person to share fun, food, friendship and fellowship.

The start of our year of celebration, which seems a long time ago now, began with a fabulous opening concert by Carolyn and Joseph, ‘A Century of Song’, the St Andrew’s Through the Decades Exhibition, and the burying of the Time Capsule last July. These events gave us all such an inspiring start, with memories shared and past visionaries of St Andrew’s celebrated.

We hope our 100 trees planted at Keysoe are all thriving and will give much pleasure to many as a lasting memorial to our year; it was wonderful for the group to receive so much fabulous feedback about the morning we all spent together, with young and not quite so young all having fun and fellowship in the fresh air.

We thank Sam Rick for being a tremendous host to our recent Zoom quiz. Much fun was had by those who participated, I don’t think I have ever been to a quiz with a round called ‘Cheese or Service Station?’ before! Lucy and Anthony showed their true competitive spirit and romped home as winners; well done to them!

These are just a few of our events and we are sure you will have your own memories.

One more lasting piece of work which has been completed is the update of the Church History; many thanks to David Rogers, the Church Archivist, and Sue Smith for all their work on this pamphlet. The older information stopped in the 1990, so as you see there was much to add getting us right up to date with information on how the church coped in the pandemic and our welcome to Lucy and her family. With the addition of new photographs, it makes an interesting read if you have not yet picked up a copy which you will find at the back of the church.

We have just three months left of our Commemoration Year so we just wanted to outline to you the events that are yet to come, so dates can be popped into diaries! More details will follow as time progresses but we thought it a good time to let you know the forthcoming events that are being planned and still in the calendar; if circumstances change with regard to Covid these might have to change but we plan in hope!

On Sunday 20th March there will be a Pet Blessing Service, led by Lucy.

On Saturday April 23rd there will be a St George’s Progressive Supper evening in the Church Centre, where those who are ready to come together and socialise again can relax and enjoy a meal whilst sharing each other’s company.

Our year will end with a weekend of Celebration on May 21st/22nd.

There will be a Saturday Evening Reunion and Celebration Party on May 21st, hopefully outside on a beautiful summer’s evening, where we will share a hot supper and glass of wine. Our plan, at this stage, is that free tickets will need to be booked.

On Sunday 22nd May we have a Thanksgiving Service with the Bishop of St Albans to celebrate the Centenary of Dedication of the Church and Establishment of the Parish. Refreshments and cake will follow the service and then there will be a shared lunch for everyone who would like to stay and join.

Please chat to any of us if you would like to find out more.

From your Centenary Committee; Ian Smith, Diana Whittemore, Carol Wood, Sue Smith and Lynn Clarke.

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