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Our Centenary year comes to an end

So, the Centenary year is now over, our events have come to an end and your Centenary Group had its last meeting on 31st May following the Final Weekend of Celebrations.

We trust you will all agree that it was wonderful weekend, the sun shone as we hoped it would, former friends and acquaintances returned and the year concluded on a fitting celebratory note.

You will all have your own personal memories of the weekend and we hope that these photos will be a reminder of the weekend events.

The Saturday evening Social and Reunion saw us welcome back two past Vicars, a selection of curates and other former members of the congregation. The room was a-buzz with chatter over a delicious meal.

The Bishop of St Albans presided and preached at the Sunday Parish Eucharist, after which everyone gathered in the Garden of Remembrance for a church family photo to mark the occasion.

Then it was into the Main Hall for more chatter over a slice of the celebration cake, which was cut by the Bishop and the Mayor.

The day and the weekend were rounded off with a bring and share picnic in the Vicarage Garden.

We thank you all for your support of our activities over the year, whether that was at the tree planting, your input to our Time Capsule, the Progressive Supper or so much more, we couldn’t have done it without you.

The Centenary Team

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