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PCC round up May 2022

PCC Welcome

Roseanne Kinvig-Love as new member of PCC and Alistair Sutcliffe as new member of Standing Committee.

(MASA) Money Advice at St Andrew’s

Annual report shows there isn’t a significant increase in clients signing up to MASA

On the positive there has been a noticeable increase in enquiries over the past few weeks.

An acknowledgment that social media presence could be improved.

As they are heavily regulated by the FSA, volunteers have to be highly specialised and this limits the pool of willing volunteers.

MASA intend to throw all their resources at promoting this service to the local community over a set time scale and the resulting outcome will determine whether they look at expansion or closing down the service.

If this is your forte or you have any advice on ways to generate a buzz for this service,

please contact the church office

If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime- Lao Tzu

Election of Officers

A warm welcome and exciting outlook for all newly appointed members/officers.

A formal welcome will take place on Sunday 29th May at 8am and 10am services.

Vicar’s Report

Largely due to the success of the recent Romanian Orthodox service there is now a resolution from Lucy to hold regular Romanian Orthodox services subject to permission from the Bishop of St Albans.

The PCC is also in support and agrees to host the Romanian Orthodox congregation regularly, subject to confirmation of appropriate monitoring of safeguarding measures.

(MAP) Mission and Action Plan

On the request of MAP, the PCC members discussed the vision process so far.

Issues of concern

Young adults

Inclusivity- A culture rather than a label

Achievable visions, nothing radical.

Pay attention and give care to the vulnerable within our existing church family.

Leave no one behind during the vision process, especially the older church community.

It was noted that some initiatives will be quickly embedded and others may take longer to develop and action. For example, Carbon foot print- turning down the thermostats has seen a 40% reduction in meter usage.


“Significant Deficit expected if not managed”. Grave words from our very capable treasurer. This analysis is based on a budget monitoring forecast for 2023 and 2024.

However, there are several cost cutting and revenue generating measures in place for when energy costs increase significantly from 1st February 2023.

(MOT) Mission and Outreach Team

Look out for a video featuring Lucy, Jenny, Angela and Valerie made for Noah and Ivan our friends in Pajule.

(CCMC) Church Centre Management Committee

Swift boxes:

The Swift boxes will be ready soon. The nesting boxes were made by Henry Griffin who also got a mention in the recent RSPB magazine. Well done Henry!

Fun fact from Ian Smith: baby swifts are known to do press ups on their wingtips before first taking-off.

Garden of Rest Flood lighting:

This has now been approved for installation. Thank you to Gareth for taking the lead on this.


The eagle eyed amongst us have pointed out that the church radiators in the background of zoom sessions look a bit tatty. Ian and Lionel have kindly added this to their lengthy to do list.

Deanery Synod

Churches are being encouraged to apply for mission support grants (MSG) with emphasis on good stewardship of resources as activities restart post pandemic.

Parish share factor (PSF)

It was recommended by our treasurer Lionel that we make a shrewd move and ask for a parish share factor review of our current rate. If successful it would resolve the disparity between our rate and that of a neighbouring church. A majority vote was taken in favour of this.

Diocesan Synod

Sheila Bissell reiterated that there is a 3-year action plan for Racial justice within the church of England and St Andrew’s will continue to play a part in this initiative by promoting positive actions and learning to live together through our diversities.

Renewal Security Policy -revised version

Following guidance from the Church of England, it is reassuring to hear that St Andrew’s is unlikely to be the target of any religiously motivated attacks given its position out of the urban centre and the nature of the local community and that no special measures need be put in place.

Nneka Williams, PCC member

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