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Creation Care &
Eco Church

In July 2022, PCC committed to St Andrew's Church becoming carbon net zero by 2030.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has stated that climate change is:
“The greatest challenge that we and future generations face... Our sacred duty is to protect the natural world we have been so generously given, as well as our neighbours around the world, who will be the first affected”.

As a Church we have signed up to the A Rocha programme of self assessment, and achieved the Bronze Eco Church award in Autumn 2021. We aim to reach the Gold award by 2025. The A Rocha awards look at how we operate as a church under five different categories: 

Worship and Teaching,



Community Global Engagement


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Creation Care Blog

Creation Care Tips

Did you know?  

St Andrew's now has 17 swift boxes in the bell tower - room for 34 nesting pairs of these well-travelled and acrobatic birds. In fact, our boxes and their creator, our very own Henry, have recently featured in the RSPB magazine!


Why not?  

Think about installing bird boxes or a bug hotel in your garden. 

Centenary Tree Planting at

St Alban's Woodland Burial Ground

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