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Study and Prayer Groups

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Niilo Isotalo

Pilgrim Study Group

The group meets monthly on a Monday afternoon in a member's home to explore, share and deepen our faith. Generally we follow one of the York courses which consist of a CD, a transcript of the CD and an accompanying booklet. The courses, topics include "Praise Him, the Psalms" are usually five sessions which standalone with five different contributors; this provides a wide spread of opinions and knowledge shared for us to consider. In the booklet are further thoughts and a selection of questions for us to discuss. At the end of the afternoon we light a candle and spend a short time in fellowship and prayer.


All are welcome to join us. 

Christine Garrett and Ann Mason

(Please contact via the Church Office).

Contemplative Prayer Group

This group meets weekly on Zoom







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