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Mission and Outreach Partners

Since 2022 St Andrew’s traditional giving of 15% of our income from stewardship and plate collections is being directed towards three charities chosen by members of the congregation.


We will support these charities for a three-years and as well as donating financially we seek to help in other ways, encouraging members of our community to become more involved and interested in their work.


The charities we support are:

World Vision, our international partner, focussing on the area of

 Pajule in Northern Uganda;

The Trussell Trust, our national partner, managing most of the Food Banks in the UK;

and Emmaus Village Carlton, our local partner.


St Andrew's is coming to the end of its first three-year cycle of planned charitable giving to build to build relationships with and support its three charities.

We will continue to work with World Vision and Emmaus Village Carlton. From the beginning of 2025 we will continue to support our local food bank with donations, however we will no longer financially support the Trussell Trust, our national charity.

The Mission and Outreach Team has prayerfully looked at themes to be considered as options for our new national charity that will start in 2025 to help us identify which key issue you want us to support.

We would like you to vote for ONE of the following five options:

Climate Change

Racial Justice

Young People Leaving Care

Mental Health

Cost of Living and Financial Poverty

Once you have made your decision, pick up one of the Mission and Outreach leaflets at the back of Church that has a voting form on the back page. Vote for the theme that is of most importance to you and place the form in the box, at the back of Church.

Once we have your decision, in the coming months, the Mission and Outreach Team will put together a shortlist of national charities with whom we can build a relationship and do the most good. Mission and Outreach will put that FINAL list of individual charities to the congregation for you to make the final decision to identify the St Andrew's new national charity of 2025. 

“Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me”

For more information or to talk to someone about

the work of the Mission and Outreach Team,

please contact the Church Office.

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News about our
Mission and Outreach Partners

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