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Support Bedford Food Bank this Christmas

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

As December fast approaches we would like to invite you to share your Christmas preparations with those in need by giving to Bedford Food Bank with the Reverse Advent Calendar.

The idea couldn’t be simpler - rather than open a door on an Advent calendar each day in December, you place an item in a box/bag as a gift to someone hungry and in need.

To help guide you the calendar suggests a much-needed item each day that you can collect together in a box or bags. A few boxes are available at Church, or you can get one yourself, or use bags. The items suggested are just that, suggested, so feel free to substitute any other appropriate item.

Please bring your filled bags/boxes on the first Sunday of January (7th Jan 2024) and not before as they can’t be stored at church. We can also collect your box/bags if you phone the church office in the first few days of January, on 01234 216881. Alternatively, you can deliver your box directly to Bedford Food Bank at the address on the Calendar.

If you would prefer to donate money instead, this would be welcome as the Foodbank can use money to buy goods. Cash or cheque (payable to St Andrew’s Church) in an envelope marked Reverse AC. If you can add gift aid, please use and complete a yellow envelope that will be at the back of the Church. An online donation to the Food Bank can also be made using details at the bottom of the Calendar.

This is a wonderful activity to remind us, throughout Advent, of those in need and is also enjoyable to see your box/bags filling up with good things! You could even suggest doing the Reverse Advent Calendar at your workplace or school? Copies of the Reverse Advent Calendar will be available from Church or click here.

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