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Acts 435 - Support those in the greatest need

A few weeks ago I wrote a short piece in Thursday’s Catch about how you can access small grants for people with specific needs. I am now going to explain how you can help fund these grants.

As an Advocate for Acts 435, I can help make an application for a grant for up to £150. The grants are funded through an appeals page on the Acts 435 website (, which gives a brief account of the person wanting help, and the specific help and amount of the request. Generous people then contribute either in full or part of the amount requested, 100% of which is given to the person needing it. Requests are categorised by type of request (food and heating, domestic abuse, children etc) and by the area of the country the person is from (although it has to be said, because Acts 435 was set up in York originally, more requests come from advocates in the north.)

The cost of running the organisation is met from gift aid on donations and non-specific donations.

If you feel this is an interesting and worthwhile way of giving to a charity knowing that you are immediately helping those in need, please go to the Acts 435 website which lists the current requests and the length of time the money has been requested. All requests are submitted by a vetted advocate and a high proportion of requests are met within a few days. It is good to know where your money is going and who it is helping.

.....and don’t forget, if you know of someone in need of a small grant to help with something specific, please let me know. (Contact via the Church Office).

Fiona McLeod

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