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Bring me sunshine!

St Andrew’s Church is having solar panels fitted on the roof of the Church Centre this March. It was decided not to cover the church roof with panels, which would have been a major planning situation, so the benefit we will get will be from the Church Centre only.

The project I started in 2019 has taken some time due to Covid and the red tape one has to go through with Local Council Planning, bat reports and so on.

There will be 25 panels on the roof of the Church Centre, supplied and fitted by Chelsfield Solar of Great Amwell, Herts. We had 3 quotations all about the same price, from which Chelsfield was selected. The total cost including bird proofing is £15,489 (no VAT). I was able to obtain a grant of £7,087.50 from the Mayor of Bedford's Solar Fund and the balance will be from the Hall Trust.

As we own the complete building it was not necessary for me to get any permission from the Diocese of St Albans. It will reduce our energy bill and we should get some credit for the excess power we create, so let’s pray for a hot summer and good solar weather.

Gareth Burrows

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