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Report on 16th May PCC meeting

Welcome to new PCC members

After Holy Communion in the Chapel, the first order of business for this PCC meeting was to formally elect/approve the positions which were announced at the AGM on 23rd April. This was all accomplished very swiftly, with thanks to those stepping back from previous roles and/or taking on new ones. A particular mention was made regarding the role of sidespeople – this is a role for which anyone can volunteer at any time, there is no upper limit on numbers or need to wait for an AGM. Providing a warm welcome to people as they arrive in church, particularly any visitors/newcomers, is an important role, and a good way to get to know your fellow church members.

Policies and procedures

We then moved on to the main business of the evening. A new social media policy and PCC complaints procedure were discussed and approved after a few clarifications/additions from PCC members. These will be published on the St Andrews website in due course.

Update from MOT

Jenny updated us on the Mission and Outreach Team (MOT) progress and plans, including recent donations made by St Andrews and the plans for World Vision Sunday on 11th June – don’t forget the Parish Lunch in the vicarage garden and chance to try some African dishes.

Report on General Synod

Sheila told us about her roles on Deanery, Diocese and General Synods (she’s a busy lady!), and how these groups feed information down from the CoE leadership to individual churches, and also their role in feeding questions and thoughts back up through the various levels. Sheila also gave us her impressions and thoughts regarding the February General Synod and the Living in Love and Faith debate - there were passionate and sometimes moving speeches from those on all sides of the debate and it was a difficult few days for all involved, as emotions ran high, and an outcome in which nobody was fully satisfied was inevitable. Lucy asked that we all pray for Sheila during the next General Synod meeting 7-11 July to support her.

St Andrew’s to become a Real Living Wage Employer

Our strategy and vision section of the meeting concerned a proposal that St Andrew’s become a Real Living Wage employer. Jenny outlined the rationale of the Real Living Wage Foundation and the responsibilities entailed in signing up for this. After a few questions regarding practicalities and possible implications, the proposal was accepted unanimously. It was suggested that this is something which could be shared and discussed with other churches via Deanery Synod members to encourage wider participation and consideration at higher levels of the church organisation.

Improvements for those joining hybrid meetings via zoom on the way

In AOB Lucy requested PCC permission to ask the friends of St Andrews for funding to buy audio-visual equipment to allow those joining hybrid meetings remotely to get a better view of speakers in the room – a rotating camera which moves to the person speaking, with associated speaker/microphone so everyone can hear and be heard. This will make it easier for those unable to make it to the church centre for meetings to follow and contribute to discussions more effectively and feel fully part of the meeting.

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