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RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

The Creation Care team took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at St. Andrew's Church early in the morning on Saturday 27th January. As well as counting the birds landing within the church premises (as required by the survey guidelines), we also identified what we heard either passing overhead - a guide to what we could attract with subtle changes to our grounds. We counted eight woodpigeons (two of whom were discussing make a ninth at one point), two coal tits, one great tit, two crows (on top of the Tower) and one robin (who we could hear for the full hour but only made himself visible in the last 10 minutes).

In addition to this we heard blackbirds, sparrows, jays, wrens, a wood-warbler, song thrushes, a bullfinch, a jackdaw, chaffinches, collared doves and greenfinches. (The production of this list may have been assisted by the use of a phone app for identifying birdsong!) As well as submitting this to the RSPB, we're reviewing this information to gain a better understanding of what we could do to our grounds in the coming year to attract and help local birdlife.


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