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Sustainable Pathway 2024: Benchmarking

Special announcement for those

baffled by climate change and sustainability

There's constant talk about the perils of climate change and how to be more sustainable, but it can sometimes feel like these discussions are in another language! The St. Andrew's Creation Care team would like 2024 to be the year in which we help as many people as possible to understand the issues being discussed and how they can play their part by improving their sustainability. To achieve this, we will run monthly studies throughout the year covering some of the key issues in a structured and accessible manner.

An introduction to the series can be found here, and the first of these studies on "benchmarking" here - this will explain what people mean when they talk about "carbon" and show you how to measure your own "carbon footprint". In turn, this will help you understand which practical changes might be most relevant to you - and in the following months, we will talk in more detail about how and why some of those changes can be made. For those who are particularly keen, we've also supplied some further reading on the topic here.

We'll be holding an informal discussion on that month's sustainability study over post-service refreshments for the 10am service on the third Sunday of each month. This will give people the opportunity to ask questions on that month's topic in a friendly atmosphere. We're not claiming to be sustainability experts - but hopefully that will help us to explain the topics in terms that ordinary people can understand!

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