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The Centenary Pet Blessing Service

There was an air of anticipation as your Centenary group were all set up ready, waiting and wondering just what sort of pets would arrive for this our Pet Blessing Service; dogs, cats, gold fish, rabbits?

Those of us old enough to remember were being nostalgic about a certain episode in The Vicar of Dibley when around the corner came Lucy and Anthony followed not long after by some beloved pets; wonderful, we weren’t going to be on our own!

We were soon patting and stroking a beautiful array of lovely friendly dogs. They were mostly small dogs; some were frisky young puppies and some more the elder statesmen of the group. The interactions in the sunshine were lovely.

Lucy didn’t have any trouble calling us all, including our furry friends, to order at 3pm, being a dog owner herself, and after the welcome and introductory prayers went around to each of our collected dogs to welcome them. After a little chat with their owner, she introduced each of the pets to us all and we soon saw the personality of each come to life.

A beautifully crafted service led us through reflective stories, bible readings, prayer and song. Lucy blessed every pet individually, remembering their names from the introductions!

Afterwards refreshments were shared and more stroking was enjoyed.

The idea for the inclusion of a Pet Blessing Service had been put forward by one of Carol’s grandchildren. Little did anyone know at that time, which was well before Covid was upon us, just what an important part pets would play for so many families and individuals over the last two years in particular. So, from all of us, thank you for your idea.

Our next new adventure is The Progressive Supper and flyers for the reservation/purchase of tickets are available in Church. We look forward to continuing our Centenary celebrations with you.

Ian Smith, Diana Whittemore, Carol Wood, Sue Smith, Karen Parrott, Lynn Clarke

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