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African lunch raises funds for Pajule

The sun shone on our Church family in June when we broke bread together in the vicarage garden for the African lunch, to raise awareness of World Vision’s work in Pajule. We raised more than £260 for the charity, which MOT ‘rounded up’, to make a total event donation of £500 for World Vision’s crucial work.

The Events team worked with MOT to lay on an excellent meal for all, which also included some challenging food items. Not everyone was keen to try the barbecue-flavoured crickets!

The lunch followed informative and thought-provoking presentations, during Sunday Worship, by Crystal Nnoruka from World Vision. Crystal met with many of the congregation afterwards, at the lunch, and described St Andrew’s as an: ‘Intentional, inclusive and welcoming church’.

Angela Huddart took the opportunity in July to continue to engage as many of the Church Family as possible in World Vision’s work by showing Crystal’s presentation to the older children. She reported that the children showed a great interest in the charity’s work to improve healthcare, water and sanitation and agriculture…although there was a little confusion s to where Pajule actually is.

Mission and Outreach Team

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