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Farewells and thanks from Diana and Anthony


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your gifts and for your kind words as I move on from St Andrew’s. As I said on Sunday, it was the welcome that I received when I walked through the door for the first time in 2008 that convinced me that St Andrew’s was the right place for me to be. Thank you for all your support and friendship over the years, for me and for Chris, and for your encouragement as I have explored and grown in my ministry.

For those wondering what was in the box that you gave me, it is a beautiful silver home communion set. I’ll be able to use it through the years ahead and think of all of you.

I’ve only gone just up the road for curacy so I am sure that I will see you around. As Kelly said, it is never goodbye in ministry. May God bless you as you journey onwards.

With love and prayers,



I would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone at St Andrews for your wonderful generosity: thank you for Ian's kind words at my last service on Sunday, for the generous gifts (wellington boots for coping with mud in rural ministry and the book - James Woodforde's Diary of a Country Parson) and most of all thank you for the generous welcome you have shown me over the past year.

I am really looking forward to ministering in the parishes of Wilden, Ravensden, Colmworth, Keysoe and Bolnhurst, and yet at the same time, it is always difficult to say goodbye. Although I have only been with you for a short time, St Andrews will always have a special place in the spiritual story of my life and journey with God. The people of St Andrews are in my prayers as I move on to the next stage.

Thank you.


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