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Introducing our new Church Warden

At out APCM on Sunday 23rd April, Ian Riches was elected as Church Warden. He will serve alongside Carol Wood for the year ahead. Ian writes to introduce himself:

Hello St. Andrew’s family! I’m your new Church Warden, Ian.

My wife Caroline and I have been living in Bedford for 30 years, and spent most of that time worshipping at what was Brickhill Baptist, now All Nations Church. 2022 saw us ready for a change, and we’ve been part of St. Andrew’s for over a year now. We thank you all for the warmest of welcomes that you have given to us.

Since we’ve joined, Caroline has given expression to her musical gifting by joining the choir. She has also become a St Andrew's Visitor, helping to give pastoral care to those who need it. I’ve become a sidesperson, joined the team of intercessors, and also been co-opted onto the PCC.

Monday to Friday sees me working as an analyst, leading a team that creates forecasts and reports for the automotive industry. The office is in Milton Keynes, but the client-base is global. That means that I do have to travel from time to time, although COVID has calmed that somewhat.

My passions in life are varied, but by some stroke of co-incidence all begin with the letter C. You’ll be relieved, no doubt, to hear that Christ and the Church head the list, as do my wife Caroline, and our adult son, Chris. Outside of this, the list is completed by cameras, cars, computers, and cooking – especially curries.

My ideal weekend afternoon thus sees us enjoying a beautiful sunny walk, along with my camera. When we get home, I will tinker with the photos on the computer, before starting to create something spicy in the kitchen.

My predecessor, Ian Smith, leaves very big shoes. I will not attempt to fill them as he did, as no-one could. Instead, I look forward to serving alongside my fellow Church Warden, Carol Wood, and exploring with all of you how God wants to use our combined skills and talents for this particular season.

I’m hugely excited to be a member of such a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive family as St. Andrews. It’s a great joy to be part of a growing all-age community, and I look forward to all that God has for us in the coming months and years.

If I’ve not yet had the chance to say “hello” to you, then please do stop me for a chat after the service – especially if you want to swap tips for your favourite curry recipe!

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