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Mission and Outreach Team - what we do and who we are

We are hoping that YOU might like to join our Team! We are responsible for linking up with the three charities that St Andrew's congregation chose earlier this year. Our support for each charity is for three years - so from 2022 to 2025. Not only do we visit them (where possible - and a trip to Uganda is not beyond the realms of possibility!), but we keep in regular contact, fund-raise and work with them to understand their current needs, encouraging members of the congregation to get involved or volunteer with them where possible. We have a budget of over £13,000 which we use to support the charities on an annual basis. We also support with smaller grants three charities who have had a long-standing relationship with our church. This is reviewed annually. We also listen to news of other initiatives, and have recently become involved in a small way with Citizens UK. We hope very much this will continue to grow and develop as we support the possibility of Bedford having its own Citizens Assembly - read the blog coming soon for more information.

by Angela Huddart, we are a small (but essential) Team at St Andrew's in helping to deliver one strand of our Mission Action Plan - Kinship. Other members of the Team are Jim Gorringe, Valerie Littleford, Rebecca Stockman, Jenny Tomlinson and Emma Wilson-Bourne. We meet monthly either in person during the day or in the evening on Zoom, as well as having a WhatsApp group for more immediate communication. We are looking for a couple of people with a passion for Mission to join us. Please contact Lucy initially if you feel this might be for you and you would like to find out more and talk it through. Or why not join us for our January meeting on Zoom to see if it might be something God is calling you to volunteer for? It's on Thursday 19th January at 7.30pm and we can send you the link nearer the time.

The Mission and Outreach Team

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