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Reverse Advent Calendar to support Bedford Foodbank

On 6th November at our morning services, we launched the Reverse Advent Calendar to support our local foodbank.

It’s a simple idea that encourages people to put an item into a box each day of Advent instead of opening a door on a traditional Advent Calendar [now available from our Fairtrade Shop] and taking out a chocolate or sweet treat.

The Calendar has been supplied by the Foodbank and suggests a much-needed item each day. If you don’t have an item available on a particular day, then any other appropriate item would be good, or some cash, say £1. Inevitably not all the donations the Foodbank receives meet the needs of those who come for help and some extra cash, that they can spend on specific items, is very welcome.

We can supply the box [or you can use one of your own] and we will let you have a Calendar.

This project runs through Advent and we hope that boxes will come back to St Andrew’s just after Christmas. We can collect if need be, so just get in contact with Jim Gorringe via the Church Office.

The Mission & Outreach Team

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