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Toastie Club Litter Pick

Toastie Club is a place to have fun and learn about God, as well as think about how to make a difference. On the 10th of September, as part of working to help the environment and become an Eco Church, we went litter picking! People of all ages came to the main hall of church and enjoyed some delicious toasties and juice. Once the safety briefing had ended, everyone was handed either gloves, bags, or litter pickers we made our way to Bedford park, where we decided on a meeting point and set off on a circuit around the park. We discovered things like balls and bottles until we filled four huge bin bags! The grown-ups thought of bringing a net next time to clean up the rubbish in the water because there was so much we couldn’t reach. After a quick play in the playground, we all went back to church and had some chocolate cake. Lucy told us that next time we would have a sleep out at church, and asked us to look for people to sponsor us for the charity Emmaus, who help homeless people. Once eating and chatting was done, everybody left to head home, until next time!

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Jennifer Goodyer
Jennifer Goodyer
Sep 14, 2023

Brilliant report, Mirabel! Well done everyone!

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