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World Vision: An Introduction to Pajule

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Pajule is in the Northern Area of Uganda in Pader District. It consists of 6 parishes and has around 22,800 inhabitants of whom 4050 are children under the age of 5. World Vision began working alongside community and church leaders in the region in 2019. It aims to bring hope to a forgotten region with many needs. The main beneficiaries will be children.

This part of Uganda was much affected by civil war when it was ravaged by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Many of the children and families in Pajule saw atrocities that have changed their lives. Young children were abducted, forced to fight as soldiers, to rape and to kill. The civil war ended in 2008 but the scars remain. Children born from rape are stigmatised and rejected.

In East Africa Uganda has the worst mortality rate in children under the age of 5. The reason for this is that many die of diarrhoea and so Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes are needed to combat the problems. Improved access to safe drinking water is key to this.

What will our partnership hope to achieve?

There are 5 ways in which we hope that our partnership will benefit the people of Pajule:

1. Child Protection. Helping leaders to identify and respond to those who are at risk of violence or abuse.

2. Education. Ensuring more children can access education and stay in school longer.

3. Health and Nutrition. World Vision works with health and community workers to protect young children from disease and to see that they are well nourished. They assist Village Health Teams which provide maternal care, immunise children and provide nutritious food.

4. Water. Improving access to safe drinking water through sinking boreholes, protecting springs and other sources of water.

5. Wellbeing. Bringing reconciliation, healing and hope to those who have experienced the trauma of war and ensuring a brighter future for their children.

Mission and Outreach Committee

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